Update: Did peer review fail at Science?

There was a posting here last August


about a paper which was initially accepted at Science, a prestigious journal published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the AAAS. After the accepted paper was made available on-line in a pre-archival form, informal community “reviewing” caught technical problems in the paper which the original, formally appointed, peer reviewers had missed.  Although Paola Sebastiani and her co-authors corrected their paper, they and the editors of Science didn’t reach an agreement to publish the new version of the paper.

An author’s remedy in such a case is to withdraw the paper, and seek to publish it elsewhere. The revised paper has been published at PLOS One, an on-line peer reviewed journal. The link to the paper is here:


The journal’s comments on the decision to publish this paper are here,


Also interesting is the reporting about the news at the AAAS ScienceNOW service,


which includes a few hints that maybe peace is settling in within the community, and that the work in its present form is of high scientific and statistical quality.


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