Ten thousand views

This small blog was launched to air personal observations among a few colleagues and friends, mostly folks who know why there’s a red squirrel on the masthead. The first post appeared on May 23, 2011, a story about Antony Flew.

As a secondary purpose, I resolved that when I couldn’t easily find a satisfactory resource online about something interesting, and had to go to an actual brick-and-mortar library to research it, that I’d post here what I found there, so that then it would be online. Two posts filed under that resolution, discussing Winston Churchill’s intemperate remarks about Islam and Carl Jung’s letter about his idiosyncratic God, attract most of the blog’s traffic, so much for “secondary” purposes.

This is still one of the few places where you can find all that Einstein wrote to Eric Gutkind, and only what he really wrote. My favorite posts feature Alexei and Clea, brother and sister Akitas, brilliant and beautiful in life, now gone on ahead to scout the unexplored territory that awaits us all. The Hallowe’en posts are fun to write; both stories so far were “stumbled upon.” I hope to stumble upon a third story in time for this year. And there still are personal posts, viewed by few except that small circle of red squirrel cognoscenti for whom the blog was launched.

Thanks to all the readers, both the one-time visitors looking for a particular piece of information and the hearty regulars, who have taken the Uncertaintist blog to this milestone.



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2 responses to “Ten thousand views

  1. celeste

    Here’s to many more milestones — this path is Good.

  2. Carmen

    Thank you and cheers from an unspoken yet hearty regular of your blog and friend of Alexei and Clea.

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