The Paris martyrs

Charlie Hebdo MohammedA peculiar feature of libertarian life is to find yourself allied by circumstances with strangers who have endured injustice because they sought to exercise their freedoms. Hamza Kashgari, for example, was held for months in a Saudi prison for tweeting thoughtful reflections about Mohammed’s birthday in 2012.

Not all such allies are as attractive as Kashgari. Paul Weston, a proudly self-described British racist, managed to provoke a chilling denial of his right to speak, something inexcusable even though he wished to speak bollocks.

And now there is Charlie Hebdo, a French humor magazine whose headquarters were attacked leaving a dozen dead. The perpetrators are alleged to be Muslim fundamentalists, who murdered in reprisal for the magazine’s depictions of Mohammed, and for much else of which the terrorists disapproved.

CH wasn’t subtle or nuanced in its humor. How it portrayed Islam (among many other subjects) was tasteless, vulgar, unfair… and well within even a minimally civilized conception of human rights for them to publish unmolested.

It will not do to wait until May 20th for the revival of the moribund and ideologically hijacked “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.” Like so many other  websites today worldwide, the Uncertaintist runs a Charlie Hebdo cartoon. Which posed an editorial problem, since so few of them are suitable as memorials. But I found a merely flippant one, and so I placed it here. It honors heroes.

Shoot an image maker, and find your world filled with images.


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