Other GMs

Links to Mark in contemporary theater

Works using GMark as a playscript

Alec McCowen, St. Mark’s Gospel,  Youtube link, Review link

David Suchet (reading at St Paul’s, London March 28, 2017)  Youtube link, Reactions link

George Drance, *mark, Announcement link. Interview link

Frank Runyeon, Afraid!, Homepage link, People magazine link

Max McClean, Mark’s Gospel, Youtube link, Interview link

Gerald Osborne, The Gospel of Saint Mark, Announcement link, Audio recording link

Concordia Seminary faculty, The Gospel of Mark, Announcement link

Works that consist wholly of selections from GMark

Lance Pierson, Mark’s Gospel, Announcement link, Youtube (channel with two scenes) link

Lawrence G. Enscoe, Traveling Light, Google books about page link

Andrew Page et al., The Mark Drama, Project link