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Latest addition:  New update of Einstein (ir)religion sources


Source book for women deacons here


Looking for the Einstein-Gutkind “God” letter? It’s here:  Einstein’s letter to Gutkind and book excerpts an unabridged English translation of the letter, with a German transcription of the handwriting, and some excerpts from Gutkind’s book, to help understand what Einstein was writing about

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All available resources

Aspinquid and Tammany source material

Blain, Games for Hallowe’en 1912 book with suggestions for party pastimes

Dawkins on Flew Transcript  Richard Dawkins’ comments on Antony Flew, transcript, Lynchburg, VA October 23, 2006

De Finetti’s 1949 paper (Translated)  English translation of de Finetti’s original conjecture and his remarks about Polya’s plausible inference

Einstein-Gutkind letter & book excerpts Unabridged English translation,  German transcription of the 1954 letter, and Gutkind’s book excerpts

Einstein (ir)religion sources  Einstein’s Spinozan-deist God concept, and his views on other religious topics, told through quotes and their context

Jung’s letter on God and quotes Jung’s letter to The Listener, other quotes and a snippet from Frieda Fordham’s article in The Listener

Science retraction 2011 About the retraction of a paper from Science which studied the genetics of healthy aging

Women Deacons Source Material Roman Catholic canon law documents, well-attested ancient examples and deacons in the first churches

Yeats 1901 essay “Magic” A prescient view of Jungian concepts